Press and Expression Law

For companies as well as individuals, a reputation that has been built over many years can sustain lasting damage due to negative media coverage. False factual claims, defamation, or libel also carry significant economic risks. We develop customized solutions to assert your interests against the media.

Our Services

  • Judicial and extrajudicial representation of companies and individuals in press and expression law disputes 

  • Deletion of defamatory claims in online reporting 

  • Pursuit of claims for damages 

  • Enforcement of monetary compensation for serious infringements of personal rights 

  • Filing criminal complaints, including for defamation, insults, and dissemination of unauthorized photographs 

  • Examination of scripts/planned book publications for potential violations of personal rights 

  • Assertion of expression-related claims (injunctions, right of reply, rectification) in preliminary injunction proceedings and lawsuits 

  • Media law support in court proceedings 

  • Deletion of negative reviews and blog posts 

  • Enforcement of rights against hate speech, insults, and digital violence