Giving Back to the Community

“It is important to me to support nonprofit organizations with my knowledge and skills. This way, I can give back to the community." 

Dr. Patricia Cronemeyer

EAGLES Charity Golf Club e.V.

Playing one's own game, winning together - it's not just in golf that teamwork makes the dream work. This is the principle followed by the EAGLES Charity Golf Club. Here, personalities from public life come together in sports and support projects that help others. Dr. Patricia Cronemeyer is a board member and advises the association on all legal matters. 

Kinderlachen e. V.
 As long as since 2017 Dr. Patricia Cronemeyer has been a representative of Kinderlachen e.V. and takes care of all legal and contractual matters. With the help of many volunteers the association supports disadvantaged children in Germany with what they need most. The organization is funded exclusively through private donations and sponsorships. 


Gut Aiderbichl Stiftung
Gut Aiderbichl is the "home of the rescued animals." Animals in need find a new permanent home here. Today, over twenty sanctuaries in five countries provide refuge for horses, donkeys, dogs, cats, cows, llamas, and many other creatures. Dr. Patricia Cronemeyer has been supporting the commitment of the Aiderbichl team for many years, providing legal advice and assistance.

European League of Football
Strong boys with big hearts: Since 2020, Dr. Patricia Cronemeyer has been a legal expert and a member of the Advisory Board of the European League of Football (ELF), the European league in American football. The league started into its first season on June 19, 2021, with eight teams. The ELF particularly focusses on the promotion of youth sports.

“Digital violence against women, female politicians and volunteers is a democracy-threatening phenomenon and must be fought at all levels.”

Verena Haisch

djb Deutscher Juristinnenbund

 Verena Haisch has been actively involved in this German association of women lawyers for a long time, advocating for legal and women's policy discourse on digitization and gender equality. Since February 2016, Verena Haisch has been a member of the digital commission Kommission Digitales (formerly Arbeitsstab Digitales), and since February 2022, she has served as its deputy chair. The focus lies particularly on accompanying national and European legislative processes, such as the Network Enforcement Act (NetzDG) or the Digital Service Act (DSA). In this context, Verena Haisch works towards developing effective legal intervention strategies that empower victims of digital violence to assert their rights effectively. Additionally, Verena Haisch advocates for incorporating a gender perspective into current European legislative initiatives. 


HateAid gGmbH

 Hate Aid is Germany's first counseling center against online violence. As a correspondent lawyer, Verena Haisch has been extensively involved with Hate Aid for several years. In the fight against hate speech, insults, image-based and any other forms of online violence, she utilizes her legal expertise to actively support the - often very prominent - victims in out-of-court or judicial proceedings and holding the perpetrators accountable.